It was a bright sunny day, and the President was on his trip to the local elementary school. Everyone was excited, especially the kids, as they all hovered around the most important man in the country, and the world. The teachers gave him a tour of the playground, the sports courts, the classrooms, and the canteen. Along with the Minister of Education and the faculty, the President discussed various topics of academics being taught in the institution.

After a tour of the entire school, the President finally made his way to the reading room where a bunch of primary-grade students were getting ready and preparing to narrate their stories to the man of the hour.

“Oh, what a lovely story. Good job!” exclaimed the President as the first boy completed his story about a fieldtrip to the White House. The entire room applauded along with the President.

Suddenly, one of the President’s assistants approached him and said anxiously, “Sir, we have just been attacked. Both the twin towers have been hit at 0850 hours by two aircrafts.” The President, unfazed by the news, sat upright in his chair, not fidgeting an eyebrow. But deep inside, chills ran down his spine as an image of destruction and loss of lives caused by what had been revealed to him flashed through his mind. The children, who were sitting and laughing in front of him, their safety was now in his hands. The President just gave a bold and confident nod as he continued to listen to the stories being narrated by the children of a country that was now under a terrorist attack.

Maintaining his calm composure, the President requested his leave and silently made his way to the fleet of vehicles waiting to transport him to a safe and secure location. Entering the presidential vehicle, the President said, “I want code 800 activated, and put me on a secure line with the Secretary of State immediately.”

“Roger that. Sir, Air Force One is waiting and requesting your arrival.”


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