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9/11 was a mark in history as one of the darkest days of humankind possible. It reminds us of the great tragedy of all the lives that were lost in the catastrophic event and the grievous impact over a majority of the population from the Muslim communities. Hatred, racism and Islamophobia were on the rise and the effects of this stereotyping resulted in fear, brutality and extremism all around the country. It was a time that fueled the discrimination against Muslims and created widely-spread propaganda to steer light away from the victims and villainize an entire religion based on the acts committed by a few terrorists. The unfortunate event in history has impacted the lives of millions of people because of the new norms formed through this fatal tragedy which spread misinformation and stigmatized one of the leading populations in the world.

The sector most affected by the brutality of this calamity were Muslims and people of colour. America is one of the countries in this world known for its diversity in racial inclusiveness as people from all over the world migrate to the land of the United States with high dreams. Even though the statistics prove that America has a larger immigrant population than any other country in the world, it is also prey to all kinds of racism and segregation of races, religion, gender, biases etc. The most targeted and victimized religion after the 9/11 attack has been the religion of Islam. Consequently, Muslims feel fearful and disrespected in the West due to the deeply rooted bigotry in the United States. The immigrants living as lawful residents in the country tend to feel discriminated against, disrespected and neglected by the West. The increasing fear is the result of the growing number of assaults and attacks on Muslims throughout every section of America.

The fear is not the end of it. Islamophobia attributes to more hatred and hostility towards the religiosity of Muslims and increases public fear for the Muslim society. Immigrants continually tackle this prejudice prevalent in the West that we still haven’t been able to eradicate completely. They go through the daily fear of being attacked, criticized or discriminated against and are subjected to this racism in every business or personal opportunity. The immigrants initially face the overwhelming surge of racial intolerance and prejudiced views on their religion, appearance and cultures.

There are myriad stories from the 9/11 attack amid the wave of the newly-forming wave of anti-Muslim movement rising in the West. It was the starting point from when all the communities were alerted and trained to discriminate against one religion. So many stories from Muslim immigrants during the attack prove how much the Muslim society endured due to an unfortunate attack in the name of their religion. The religion of Islam should not be subjected to conjecture and propaganda based alone on the acts of the said terrorists. But certain sections of people in the United States during 9/11 became a source for spreading hatred and targeting the Muslim society in a way that has immerged to change the way the world perceives them.